Verdon-raft: 7 years old required

Rafting is the ideal boat to

discover the Verdon with family or friends.

After being equipped, the guide will give you a short breefing, giving useful safety instructions, insuring you will have a great time in the amazing Verdon.

All Rafting activities start from Castellane and let you choose between different possible trips.

For beginners, a descent of 1H30 (grade * 2 and 3) will give you a first experience of rafting and a reassuring feeling on this whitewater sport.

For a more sporty experience, I advise you to come in the spring to enjoy the big releases of water, you can also choose the integral route (3H30) with the famous solitary passage (grade * 4).


verdon rafting Castellane 04120
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Raft on the verdon
Grade 3+ rapid by Aloha Verdon !
great sensation in raft with Aloha Verdon !