Aqua Trekking-Verdon canyon

"Gorges du Verdon" with river guide (kayak educator)

The verdon with kayak guide.

what is aqua trekking in the verdon canyon ?

Aqua trekking is like canyoning but without ropes.

You first make a  walk called "walking approach" which length may vary depending on the chosen trip(“Blanc-Martel” or “Cavalier” trail)

One you have been given your equipment, you will learn the basic safety rules of practising sport activities in Verdon.

Follow the guide!


Your lifejacket and your helmett protect you in the rapids, slowly you will discover unique and amazing landscape.

Let the river welcome you for a pure moment of exploration and swim in the clear water of verdon river...


Many jumps are possible in Verdon canyon, but none is mandatory !

It is accessible to everybody and if you do not like it, well just relax under the sun and enjoy the show !


Le couloir samson

Aqua trekking, floating in Verdon Canyon.

Starting from 7 years old

The "Couloir Samson" is an amazing playground and is relatively easy accessible by the Blanc-Martel trail.

The water walk in the Samson is possible by several routes:

  1. The aqua trekking in half day in the Samson (10 minutes of approach, 2 hours in the water, 30 minutes of walk back)
  2. The aqua trekking in half day from the bridge of Tusset (30 minutes of approach, 1h30 in the water, 20 minutes of walk back)
  3. The aqua hiking in a full day which is the mix of 1 and 2 (30 minutes of approaching walk, 1h30 in the water, lunch, chiling in the sun, 1H30 in the water then walk back 30 minutes)
River guide Verdon Canyon-Castellane-Alpes de Haute Provence

aqua trekking-verdon (the styx)

Sport day in verdon canyon

Starting from 14 years old 


If there is a place to discover in « Gorges du Verdon » it certainly are the passages of Styx and Imbut.

  It is in the heart of this 27 km long of canyon that the Verdon has dug in a limestone rock leaving vertical walls of more than a hundred meters.  

To explore the canyon you will start by a descent of 30 minutes by the path of the Cavaliers and 2 hours in the Verdon will give you a taste of what awaits you.

 The surprise will come after lunch, the Styx as a dessert and the Imbut as a cherry on the cake.

The aqua trekking in this canyon shows you the best place of the Verdon Valley and it is very good first canyon experience...

Verdon Canyon Exploration with Rafting guide
Verdon Canyon Exploration